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Power Tool Accessories, Bits, Bit Holders, Sockets, Special Sockets, Universal Wrenches, Extensions, Adapters, Anti-Mar Protective Covers, Torques Tools, Hand Tools, Hex Drive Products and Custom Made Tools

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For more than half a century Apex has maintained a position of leadership in industrial fastening tools.
Today, Apex® stands ready to improve the productivity of assembly operations around the world with unsurpassed tool performance and customer service. Apex® provides the broadest selection of fastener tools in the world, including bits, sockets, universal wrenches, extensions & adapters. The Apex® brand is synonymous with a true fit to a wide variety of fasteners, consistent world-class quality & durability that outlasts as well as outperforms the competition. When you factor in new product innovations, capabilities for specials & a strong global distribution network, it’s easy to see why Apex® is the ideal brand of fastening tools for your assembly & maintenance operations.

Industrial Torque Wrenches

Accuracy Made To Last

Regardless of industry, when there is a requirement for accurate torque application, Cleco® has the right tool for the job. From safety to quality-critical applications,  Cleco industrial torque wrenches are the product for your specific application and are compliant with global fastening standards.
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UTICA Torque Products   

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Known for durability, dependability & versatility, the Utica brand is the premier line of torque limiting screwdrivers, dial wrenches and click wrenches in the industrial marketplace.

This is made possible by sound design and manufacturing techniques, producing tools that are small, comfortable & lightweight, yet can withstand tough treatment.It’s simple, precision parts let operators manufacture precision products. Whether it is a handle, indicator, or a torque tester, our parts are manufactured from the finest materials available and are machined to the highest tolerances.

In 2019, the Crescent APEX line of power tool accessories was launched for construction and industrial applications.  The Crescent APEX line enhances durability, extends life and improves tools fit for professional tradesmen.  They spent countless hours with their in-house metallurgical team to enhance the heat treatment process, ensuring their product met and exceeded user durability and life requirements.  They take pride in their ability to provide user-focused innovative solutions in assembly manufacturing and they are confident this product line will do the same for construction and industrial applications.

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Crescent eSHOK GUARD

Introducing Apex’s new CRESCENT e-SHOK GUARD for screwdriver bits and sockets! It stands between you and a 1000 volts protecting you from electric shock. Combining safety and convenience for a revolutionary experience when working around potential live wire applications. CRESCENT eSHOK-GUARD’s impact-rated design withstands heavy-use for hand tool and impact tool applications, so you never have to sacrifice protection when using with hand tools or power tools.  CRESCENT eSHOK-GUARD provides operator safety, prevent error in torque recording and protects the power tool. 

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Iron Band                                                   

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Apex® Universal Wrench Tools With Iron Band Provide… 

Shielding against tool failure

Better ergonomics with 50% reduction in vibration

Extended tool life

Ability to access confined joints


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With Apex μ-Guard  you get the proven Apex fastener tool fit and performance plus the best protection available against marring and in-system damage. Apex μ-Guard is your guard against the potential hazards of rotational friction.

Engineered Solutions
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Apex® Has A Wide Selection Of Custom Designed Anti-Mar Covers!Apex® recognizes the need in assembly operations for the protection of painted or finished surfaces. We can coat just about any Apex® bit or socket with a protective nylon sleeve.